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7 Ways to Use Evernote

Last week, Lifehack founder Leon Ho introduced me to the beta note taking application Evernote. Evernote boasts a variety of features that make it an excellent application, including automatic synchronization between the web and your other devices, tagging and sorting features, an online client that makes it accessible from anywhere, and a search feature that can even search text stored within images.

From the developers themselves:

Evernote allows you to easily capture information in any environment using whatever device or platform you find most convenient, and coque samsung galaxy s8 plus rigide makes this information accessible and searchable at anytime, from anywhere.

I a big fan of anything that keeps my data synchronized between devices, let alone totally coque fleur samsung s6 edge automatically, so I was keen to give Evernote a try. It has grown on me in a short amount of time. It great for keeping snippets of information, replacing stickies and taking down notes, and pasting research from the web into.

It got a pretty unique set of features and fills a gap coque samsung s9 pour femme in my workflow I been looking to fill in terms of applications, so today we look at seven ways to use Evernote to make life easier.

For the record, I not affiliated with Evernote in any way, and I haven had any communication with the developers before it just an insanely useful application that anyone interested in productivity can benefit from.

1. coque mate samsung s8 The office cleaner: usually, by the end of the day when I zero out my email inbox and desktop, I built up a collection of text files coque rose gold samsung s8 plus that I used to take down spur of the moment notes. If the phone rings, I open a new text file as I answer it; if I have an idea while I working on something, it goes straight in a text file. One of the best, yet simplest, uses of Evernote coque samsung galaxy s7 papillon has been to store those day to day snippets of information in a more organized, less cluttered manner. Let Evernote clean your office.

2. coque samsung s9 cuir Share information unobtrusively: instead of being guy who sends every last scrap of info, relevant or not, in a new email to ten people at a time, store that information with Evernote and share it with the relevant people; you won clog up their email anymore, and they have more control of their own time back. It coque riverdale samsung galaxy s7 hard to zero out an inbox when everything being sent there whether you need to deal with it now or not.

3. Sneak some work home without anyone knowing: got a spouse who gets snarky when you coque samsung s7 edge noir silicone bring work home with you Don make it so obvious just save your material as an Evernote entry and sync when you get home. It less likely to be coque samsung galaxy s8 harley quinn spotted than the bulky folder you walked in the door with last week.

Spouses aside, working in Evernote can make taking your work home a lot easier than emailing Word documents or transferring them to your PDA or laptop before you leave.

4. Create a single research document: I recently wrote an article on digital rights management that involved a lot of online research, which I stored by keeping bookmarks in Firefox. The downside was that when I came back to write, I had to open all my tabs again and find the appropriate sections on each page.

It much easier to take samsung s8 coque marvel the relevant content from each page, including a link in case you need to go back, and pasting them into a single Evernote entry that gives you all the necessary information in a more concise and manageable format. If only I did this at the time!

Instead of bookmarking your resources when you do research online, compile the relevant information from each page into a research file in Evernote.5. Take notes during meetings without transcribing, or for that matter transferring them to other devices. Type away as your boss prattles on and before you even back at the cubicle, the notes are on your desktop (great if you process notes into GTD action items immediately after a meeting).

6. It can be hard to think of new ideas constantly, and when you do come up with one, it tends to happen in a very strange, awkward spot. Evernote means that you almost never be caught without a way to capture it and compile an idea file once that list starts filling up you never be short on something to write about.

7. Plan big projects in Evernote start a new notebook for a particular project and sort different tasks and research topics using the tags feature. Now, everything you could possibly want to recall or act on regarding a project will be in one spot.

Having an inbox and processing it in coque militaire samsung s7 edge a systematic way can help you gain back some coque et vitre s10 samsung of that control. But once you processed out your inbox and coque samsung galaxy s7 nounours listed all the tasks you need to get cracking on, you still have to figure out what to do the very next instant. On which of those tasks will your time best be spent, and which ones can wait

When we don set priorities, we tend to follow the path of least resistance. (And following the path of least resistance, as the late, great Utah Phillips reminded us, is what makes the river crooked!) That is, we pick and sort through the things we need to do and work on the easiest ones leaving the more difficult and less fun tasks for a that, in many cases, never comes or, worse, comes just before the action needs to coque portefeuille samsung s10 be finished, throwing us into a whirlwind of activity, stress, and regret.

This is why setting priorities is so important.3 coque resistante samsung galaxy s7 Effective Approaches to Set PrioritiesThere are three basic approaches to setting priorities, each of which probably suits different kinds of personalities. The first is for procrastinators, people who put off unpleasant tasks. The second is for people who thrive on accomplishment, who need a stream of small victories to get through the day. And the third is for the more analytic types, who need to know that they working on the objectively most important thing possible at this moment. In order, then, they are:..

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